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Michael Ohren

joined Pure in March 2019 as the software development team’s manager and I am excited to join this enthusiastic and talented team where I hope to bring all my experience of a long and varied career in software development. I am impressed by the attitude of all the staff at Pure and how much has been achieved, as well as the ambition to keep growing and innovating, both in the business and the technology. Away from work I am a keen (though not particularly good) badminton player; I like good food, real ale and good (ie. red) wine and I am always faffing with something technical, from the latest consumer tech gadgets to PC hardware; I am no stranger to a soldering Iron. I also enjoy chess, sci-fi and music.

Steve Bromley

Moving to Pure in 2013 from a secure job with an established financial institute was a huge gamble but looking back today I am extremely proud I did. From being part of a company consisting of only five members in 2013 to Forty-two in 2017, Pure has developed in to an established name in the equity release market and being part of this change has been fantastic. From a personal point of view Pure has given me opportunities to develop and has supported my career aspirations, something I have never really experienced from previous companies. Starting as an underwriter I worked my way up to being part of the newly established technical services team. My role in this team allows me the opportunity to move Pure forward and to keep us competitive with our competition. Outside of Pure my time is usually spent with the family, however I do try to have a cheeky pint every Friday in Headingly!

Richard Malcolm

I joined Pure in April 2015 and never looked back! Pure is always evolving by adapting to change, recruiting people and creating new roles. Plus, I have great colleagues, who all make ‘the daily grind’ pretty awesome! As well as developing itself Pure cares about developing it’s people. I started in the Broker support team, moved into a Case handler role and was fortunate enough to explore my skill set in a way I hadn’t been able to elsewhere. Pure helped me grow and develop, as a result I’ve now moved into an IT role in Technical Services, which I love. When I’m not working I enjoy going to the cinema, gym and pub. But my favourite thing is getting in the garden, digging stuff up and moving things about, much to the dismay of the other half!

Edgars Vansovics

I joined Pure Retirement friendly and professional family in April 2017 and my role is to be the “face” and “voice” of the initial application process, carry out the initial checks of the application and keep everyone updated of the application progress. Before joining Pure Retirement I worked for a law firm dealing with re-mortgages. After work I enjoy spending time with my family, watching movies, learning Spanish and travelling.

Zach Hodkinson

I joined Pure in May 2017, having worked in equity release for 4 years previously. I’ve had a really good experience so far & everyone gets on so well. Pure really value and encourage their staff and there is a real drive forward for growth and improvement. I support Burnley FC and also enjoy watching formula one and a game of poker now and then.

Ibrar Mumtaz

As an engineer, I am always looking for a company that will help me grow my technical skillset and still allow me to be relevant in my field as well as plotting a path forward my career. It’s also very important to me that I make a positive impact on a company and help them realise their technical ambitions and influence their long-term growth strategy. So, when an opportunity came up to continue my work as a sub-contractor for Pure, it was the easiest decision I have ever had to make and have not looked back since.

Georgios Koskinas

I joined Pure as a software developer in August 2018. I am extremely delighted to be part of a fast growing and innovative company that invest in its people for success. A few months in and I already feel that I am developing my skills in a very supportive and motivating environment. In my free time I enjoy playing video games or the guitar, and every now and then travel somewhere new.

Charlotte Westrop

As a Data Analyst for Pure, I find ways to extract meaningful insights from our data, using technical and statistical techniques, and present these findings visually. There is always the potential to hone our methods further and come to even more insightful conclusions. This potential makes the role both interesting, creative and rewarding.

Jonathan Walker

I have been a part of Pure for just over 2 months, but everybody is so friendly, it feels like I’ve known everyone for years. It’s so refreshing to be part of such a hard working company within such a great atmosphere. In my spare time, you’ll probably find me sat behind my computer trying to produce the biggest pop song of the century.

Oliver Stapleton

After completing an IT apprenticeship and spending some time gaining some experience in the technical field I decided it was time to hone my skills and push myself. That is where Pure comes in. So far its been a real education since I do not come from any financial background but with the help of my team I am finding my feet and really enjoying my new venture I am a keen musician and I love to cook

David Dennis

I recently started in July 2019. I have previously worked in financial services for over six years, initially in banking complaints, then mortgage complaints, before moving to complaints MI. I am enjoying being with Pure, there is a friendly environment, and the structured training will help me add to my skills. In spare time I enjoy cycling, cooking and studying maths.

David Foley

I joined Pure in August 2019 in order to put my experience as a software developer to use in an environment that takes teamwork, technology and people seriously. At Pure I see a company that wants to achieve the best workflow possible while maintaining code quality by thinking about process and investing in it its developers skills. Outside of work my interests are board games and pen and paper role playing games. On Thursday evenings, I am dungeon master for my weekly Dungeons and Dragons group.

Julie Murphy

I joined Pure in August 2019 as Product Owner in Technology. With 20 years experience in IT development for a financial services company, I started all those years ago as a graduate trainee COBOL programmer. Realising I did not like programming I morphed into IT Business Analysis and, latterly, Product Ownership. Coming to Pure has been an absolute pleasure, everyone is so friendly and helpful with a company culture very different (and refreshing) from any I have previously experienced. I am delighted to join a young, vibrant team who are excited about what the future holds. With their help I aim to improve the quality and priortisation of requirements fed into development. Together we will, through technology and innovation, help Pure continue to grow. Outside of work you can usually find me walking in the Dales invariably with a good pub (and a pint of real ale) somewhere on the route.

Hannah Brady

I joined Pure in September 2019, I received such a warm welcome from everybody at Pure and I immediately feel at home. I am really happy to join a company so focused on investing in their staff and back into the company. I have come from an E-Commerce background and been working in Software Development for about 10 years now. Outside of work I am into martial arts and compete professionally in Muay Thai Kickboxing. I also like to travel.

Michelle Pinfield

I started at Pure in September 2019 as a Test Analyst with over 10 years’ experience in the financial services. The team dynamic here is really great, It’s refreshing to see that you’re not just another number and your opinion is really valued. In my spare time I enjoy watching tv shows such as The Blacklist, spending time with my family and friends and drinking wine.

Rhys Jones

After graduating university at the start of September 2019. I wanted a new challenge and Pure Retirement does just that. As a software developer I can put my computer science degree to a real world test. However, the people at pure is what makes this adventure so interesting. They are always there to give a helping hand when you are in need. This made it very easy to settle in. Outside of work I enjoy lots of sports such as hockey, athletics and climbing. You will always find me doing something.

Dan Cockerham

I started at Pure in October 2019 to put my skills as a software developer to the test. Once the warm welcomes were out of the way it quickly became apparent this is a place to learn and grow in my profession. Outside of work you can probably find me jamming out on guitar, hacking something together or playing the latest (or any) games.

Ashley Armon

Having studied Music Production throughout College and University, I naturally started my career within Financial Services, working for Leeds Building Society as a complaint handler. I then went on to join the Product team and spent my days amending ever dropping mortgage product rates. This role then led me to work for Charities Aid Foundation in Kent where I worked on everything from accepting Bitcoin charitable donations to a strategic digital platform reaching more than 300,000 charities globally. I’m now looking forward to getting stuck in to my role as Product Owner at Pure!

Steve Briggs

I joined Pure Retirement in March 2020 as a Test Analyst after previously working in Financial Services for the last 18 years. Nearly six months down the road now working for Pure I have really seen what a progressive and great to work for company they are. The majority of my time here has been working from home but the support and help offered to me has been tremendous. I am an avid Leeds United fan and finally after 16 years we are back in the Premiership which should have made 2020 a great year (not even promotion can make 2020 a great year for obvious reasons). I also enjoy travel when possible and getting outdoors on Weekends in the great countryside around us.

Fiona Sands-Hirst

I fell in to projects around 12 years ago, starting as Programme and Project Office Administrator running Change Boards for changes up to £50M. I was intrigued by the various roles within P&P so expanded my knowledge in both Agile and Waterfall methodologies, and progressed to various roles including Project Admin, Project Support, Project Support Office Manager, Technical Project Manager and Programme Manager. I joined Pure on 3rd August and although I have only met a lot of people via Teams, everyone have has given me a very warm welcome.

Dave Jones

Samuel Ohren

Christopher Broughton

Isabel Firmo

Jordan Walsh

Robert Ward-Pound

Christian Peacock

Tim Cliff

Jelena Korenkova

Barbara Bullen

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