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Pure Retirement creates Jobseekers' Guide

13th August 2020

Leeds lifetime mortgage lender Pure Retirement has created a new Jobseekers' Guide to support potential applicants in the current climate.

With employment falling by the largest amount in over a decade between April and June this year, and more job cuts expected when the government furlough scheme ends in October, it comes at a crucial time for jobseekers who are in need of all the support they can get.

The new guide arms job applicants with information which may help them not just for interviews with Pure, but potentially prepares them for the recruitment process with other employers in the wider market.

Pure's hiring managers summarise what they're looking for in candidates, including an overview of how the interview process works in their teams, and any skills-based activities or tests that are involved, alongside a section with top tips for job applications and interviews.

The guide is available through the Pure Retirement careers website, and can be accessed here.

Head of Marketing Rachel Pease commented ‘We recently had over 200 applications for just one junior marketing role, and it's pretty clear that given the current situation, people are needing support in finding employment. While we can't offer everyone a job, what we can do is make it a bit clearer to potential applicants what it is we're looking for in our candidates and what's expected of them. Businesses have a responsibility at present to do everything they can to support the job market and those struggling to find their way within it.’

Tom Fordham is the Director of recruitment agency MET Marketing and agrees, ‘Searching for a new job can be a daunting prospect and with so many people suddenly job seeking at the same time, it's crucial to get your best foot forward. At MET Marketing, we're currently supporting hundreds of candidates who are trying to find a new role, many of whom have not previously had to proactively look for work, and it's great that businesses like Pure Retirement are doing their bit to help. Every bit of guidance available to applicants is just a small thing for businesses to provide, but such a huge help for the countless jobseekers out there at the moment.’

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