Underwriting: Constantly Evolving To Meet Equity Release Challenges And Needs

Gavin Hancock - Underwriting Team Manager

Published on 9th April 2021

The pandemic has brought about some radical changes in our lifestyles and affected every single one of us to some degree. Underwriting is no different, and we have had to adapt to face the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 virus.

Here for you and your clients

However changeable the current climate may be, some things do remain unchanged when it comes to you and your clients’ experience with us. In our case, this includes having your own dedicated underwriter for your clients’ application, who’ll look after it from the minute we receive the application. This means you have the same person assessing the valuation, right the way through to offer and everything in between, who offers consistency by being there every step of the way for you and your client. Our team of underwriters track and monitor your applications and are on hand to talk you every step of the way to discuss our decisions and requirements, giving you the right decision at the right time, every time.

As underwriters we will make an in-depth analysis of your application balancing the potential risk against our risk appetite and policies and looking at your mortgage application, the client and the property in which they are raising the funds against. There are three key stages in which our underwriters will assess your case, firstly once your application has been received, secondly when your valuation has been received and finally at offer stage when all our checks have been performed and a formal offer is issued, and at this point it is over to the solicitors to work towards completion.

Rising to the challenge

The challenges brought about by this has seen underwriting evolve, making our processes more resilient and flexible, ensuring we still provide you and your clients with exceptional service. Over the past twelve months we’ve been striving to continue providing workable solutions to ensure applicants have been able to continue accessing the retirement they both desire and deserve. We introduced desktop valuations on all ranges, and also external appraisals on some (in addition to the internal valuation we usually offer), to enable clients that may be shielding to access our range of products and meet their needs.

There is a specific mailbox which is serviced by experienced underwriters for all your pre-application enquiries and questions. This is managed by the same underwriters that will assess and look after your case, ensuring that you have access to a wealth of expertise and to the team members who’ll take full ownership from application to offer.

Understanding our responsibility

We’re aware that amid the challenges of the past twelve months and beyond many advisers will undoubtedly be looking to lenders to continue supporting them and helping them prepare to make the most of market opportunities when it starts to open up again. We’re committed to assisting that process by giving a real identity to the team and showcasing what we do, participating in Pure Monthly Update sessions and affording even more accessibility to experienced underwriters giving real time help and assistance to any questions they have.

We are excited for what 2021 has to offer and are better prepared than ever to continue to provide excellent service to help advisers meet the needs of their clients. We’ve already been working hard over the last twelve months to deliver initiatives and to evolve our procedures and service offering, and look forward to best serving you going forward to help you find the best retirement funding for your clients.

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