Introducing MyPure

The New Way For Your Client To Manage Their Lifetime Mortgage Online

What Is MyPure?

MyPure is our online account management platform designed to enable our customers to self-manage their lifetime mortgage account post-completion via their smartphone, tablet or PC.

What Will Clients Be Able To Do Through MyPure?

The MyPure platform offers easy and convenient round-the-clock access to a range of key lifetime mortgage features and processes.

Register for MyPure and they’ll be able to:

  • View their account balance and recent transaction history
  • Make one-off optional repayments, and find out more about setting up monthly optional repayments
  • Apply for a cash release (subject to their account offering this facility), offering a more efficient application process
  • Complete and submit their annual Certificate of Continued Occupancy online
  • Download their annual statements
  • Receive email notifications when new documents become available online
  • Submit any queries they may have to us directly
  • Access a bank of FAQs and a library of useful documents via the My Account Management section

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How Do They Register?

We've designed our registration journey to be the perfect mix of simplicity and security. It offers both an easy opt-in journey and the peace of mind that appropriate measures have been taken to confirm and protect their identity. To register, they simply need to:

To register, they simply need to:

  • Go to
  • Click the registration button that appears on the page
  • Confirm their preferred email address and name
  • A link will be sent to their nominated email address - they'll simply need to click on the link. Alternatively, there'll be a one-time passcode that will be displayed in the email, and they can manually enter this into the MyPure registration page
  • Confirm some additional information (including their account number, and mobile phone number if they have one)
  • Enter the activation code that will be sent to their listed mobile number (in some cases, we may need to provide this code via letter - if this is the case, they'll be notified during the registration process)
  • Once they've entered their activation code, their registration is complete and they can begin to make the most of MyPure and its account management features

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, we've designed MyPure to be an extension of our current customer service team, rather than a replacement. MyPure is designed to give you the ability to self-manage certain aspects of your account whenever is convenient for you, but our team will still be on hand to support you as needed during office hours.

No, MyPure is a benefit that we're offering to all of our lifetime mortgage holders to give them more options when it comes to their account management, and it's completely free to access.

Yes - while certain documents such as annual statements will be viewable online through MyPure, we'll continue to also send out physical documents. In due course the platform will eventually afford you the ability to switch to paperless on many of your documents if you so wish, but it will be on an opt-in basis.

In the same way we want you to be able to manage your account whenever you want, we also want you to be able to do so however you want. We appreciate that more of our customers than ever use mobile devices to do many of their day-to-day tasks, and as a result we've designed MyPure to be fully usable on both mobile phones and tablets.

Of course - we'll use the email address you provided during registration to ensure that you're kept informed of any additional functions to MyPure, and the ways you can make the most of them.

Yes, they can use the MyPure platform to set up ad hoc payments and contact us to set up direct debits and standing orders. The annual ERC-free repayment allowance on all our lifetime mortgages is as follows:

• Sovereign Range: 10% ERC-free annual repayments, 12 payments per year
• Classic Range: 10% ERC-free annual repayments, 12 payments per year
• Emerald Range: 12% ERC-free annual repayments, 12 payments per year
• Heritage Range: 10% ERC-free annual repayments, 6 payments per year
• Heritage Freedom: 20% or 40% ERC-free annual repayments, 12 payments per year

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