Property Underwriting Team

Simon Pawson

I’ve been at Pure since the beginning starting as an underwriter and moving through to a team manager and then a senior. In the space of 3/4 years I’ve seen the company grow from a close knit 4 man team in a small back office to what it is today. I am immensely proud of what has been achieved. I like to think that the spirit that was created in the early days of the company has been passed through to all the many new faces I see in the building today. Although there have been inevitable teething problems associated with the large influx of new starters I can only see Pure Retirement going from strength to strength in the future. On a personal note I have a three year old boy (Archibald) who takes up most of my time but when I do have a spare minute I’ll try and catch a Leeds game at Elland Road or a Sunday league match on the local pitches. I managed to see Black Sabbath this year on their final tour (supposedly) and am looking forward to seeing Iron Maiden and Melt Banana in the coming months. (I was born a decade to late musically) I’m always happy to help out on anything that needs doing whether this involves criteria questions management issues or lifting boxes.

Beth Lawson

I joined Pure in 2016 as an underwriter, progressing to a senior, then to an underwriting team manager. The team dynamic at Pure is great with everyone having the same goal, to help our customers and see the business succeed. In my spare time I enjoy repeatedly watching the US office, spending time with my family & friends and drinking wine.

Gavin Hancock

I’ve recently joined Pure and can honestly say that it is a pleasure to work for such a friendly company that puts the customer and staff at the very heart of everything. I’ve been an underwriter for several years and enjoy the inquisitive nature of the role. I enjoy helping customers dreams become a reality whilst also protecting the interests of Pure. When I’m not at work I have my hands full with my family which includes a very energetic 9 month old insomniac! If I do get the odd spare moment I love watching the best sport in the world, Rugby League.

Courtney Henshaw

As soon as I started at Pure Retirement I was made to feel incredibly welcome and comfortable. The team spirit is like no other place I have worked before and everyone is always happy to help. I enjoy my job role as I get to see the whole process of an application through to completion and learn new things every day. When I&rqsuo;m not at work I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and I also love to sing whenever I get the opportunity.

Julie Slinger

I joined Pure in June 2015 from Barclays. There is good atmosphere and great teamwork, I feel that everyone is working towards the same goals and have enjoyed being involved in the IIP project. In my spare time I love going to the cinema, eating out and watching Liverpool FC. I have just started a dance exercise class, l love beach holidays and have booked to go to Santorini this year.

Pippa Brown

I’m pretty new to the business and was initially drawn to the role by the diversity in the day to day activities. Since joining, I’ve seen how nice and welcoming the people here are towards me which is a refreshing change of environment from other jobs I have done. Outside of work I enjoy visiting new places with my friends and watching any one of my favourite American TV shows! I’ve also always been interested in photography and would like to spend more time developing in that area in addition to getting back into my creative writing.

Katie Storey

I started Underwriting at Pure in November 2016 and enjoy being able to see a case from start to finish and being able to get the satisfaction of seeing cases that I’ve dealt with completing and knowing that the applicants can now have that holiday of a lifetime! I would like to say something impressive such as ’I enjoy the occasional skydive in my spare time’, but I’m really not that cool... I am an avid Rugby League supporter and am a season ticket holder at the Castleford Tigers. I also love going to Florida, I’ve been 8 times already and many more planned to come.

Catherine Dwyer

I have been at Pure since August 2017 and started in the Mortgage Application Support Team. The support and training I received there was invaluable and after 16 months, I moved into Underwriting in November 2018. I have been in the Banking and Finance Industry for almost 40 years - primarily in Secured Lending - with Lloyds and other high street banks. I have also previously been heavily involved with Training and was very pleased to discover that the training here is excellent. Everyone has been so welcoming and it makes a great change to be part of a smaller growing business than being a small cog in a very large wheel. Outside of work, I am usually outside - literally. I enjoy walking, gardening and sea swimming (though the latter tends to be seasonal of course).

Egle Masiuliene

In my role as a case handler I help mortgage cases to go through to completion on a daily basis which I find very interesting and rewarding. I have 5 years’ experience in financial services and it is very satisfying to be able to apply my previous experience at my current role. Since starting my career journey with Pure I have learned a lot and met many friendly, positive, experienced and helpful people. I love how we keep things simple and enjoyable for everybody at the office. When not at work I dedicate my time to family and friends. I enjoy planning family and friends get together’s, trips and holidays.

Emma Broadbent

I have recently joined Pure Retirement, having previously worked in financial services for over ten years. It is a lovely place to work and everyone is friendly and very knowledgeable. I have seen the equity release process from the legal and advice point of view and look forward to progressing my knowledge further as an underwriter. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family as well as catching up on latest programmes or just reading a good book (exciting I know!)

Matthew Wilkinson

I have recently joined Pure Retirement, having moved to Yorkshire from Newcastle. I have previously spent 3 years as an underwriter at virgin money and I am looking forward to new challenges this company will bring. From first experiences of the company I can tell they are a forward thinking, customer focused company, who are very keen to develop employees to get the best out of them in order to help their customers. In my spare time I’ll be in the gym, on a football pitch or sometimes even in the boxing ring. When I go back to Newcastle I’m always keen to get the black and stripes back on to support the greatest team in the world.

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