Annual Overpayments and ERC calculator

Heritage Freedom range offer the most flexible products in the market. Freedom 20 allows 20% ERC-free repayments per annum, whilst Freedom 40 allows repayments up to 40%.

To make it easier for you and your clients we have created an annual overpayments and ERC calculator. Simply enter the property value, loan size, interest rate and when you want to make any repayments and the calculator will demonstrate the impact of the payments on the balance, remaining equity and show whether any ERCs are applicable. You can also use the calculator for our Classic, Heritage and Sovereign ranges (which allow 10% repayments a year) and the Emerald range which allows up to 12% repayments per year.

Heritage Freedom 40 Range

40% ERC-Free Repayments

Heritage Freedom 20 Range

20% ERC-Free Repayments

Emerald Range

12% ERC-Free Repayments

Classic Range

10% ERC-Free Repayments

Heritage Range

10% ERC-Free Repayments

Sovereign Range

10% ERC-Free Repayments

Note: Minimum and maximum payment rules apply please refer to your KFI/Offer for full details.

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